Payday Loan Debtors are the New Target of Scams

Caution is what the Connecticut Department of Banking requires from their clients today. There is a new group that are targeting debtors and threatening them of being imprisoned unless they pay their payday loans.

According to the bank’s commissioner, Howard Pitkin, these scammers get their information from the clients online. They would call the debtors at home or on their work, or when matters come worse, they even call their relatives or friends to as for the “payment” of their loan. These people threaten the clients of sending officers to arrest them for not paying their contracts, and they could be very intimidating.

The office of Mr. Pitkin has been receiving complaints from customers about these scammers for about six months now, and the number of complaints can now reach about 40 in a month.

The collectors would claim that they had bought off the loan of the payday client from the agency, but this is of course never proven in any of the documents. Some of the clients who have paid their debts full continue to be harassed by these hooligans.

These scams have been affecting the lives of many innocent people, for instance, there was one problem when a person almost lost his job because the scammers kept calling their office and harassing the company employees. Another time, a lady was so restless with the threatening call she received she decided to come and turn herself in to the authorities.

If you are currently experiencing these problems of receiving anonymous threats and calls, and the collector will not seem to leaving you alone, or if you have been a victim of these people then call the Bank of Department’s Consumer Affairs Division. Their numbers are 860-240-8170 or you can call toll-free at 800-731-8225.

If you are having difficulties in buying food or other necessities, you can get in touch with charitable institutional programs by dialing 211 in the information line of the United Way.

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