I have a small residential and commercial buildings cleaning company that I'm looking to expand. I'm shopping around for financing through traditional lenders, but because of my FICO score and 518 million cancellations, I can not fianancing. I asked some non-profit organizations in the state in which we live pitching my case I have a few friends. I have no family that can help. All of them make bad loans, and many of my friends. I really do not know that someone either with cash. I have always in a business angel or venture capitalist, but I do not know if this will work. I've posted an ad on Prosper and never received replies. Again, I think this is because of my bad credit. I am seriously running out of ideas. I have invested 15 months into this and will not resign. Does anyone have any suggestions or can someone me a place that I can help? I know I need to fix my credit, but do need money. Please, please help!

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