It is now a thing of the past that the borrowers who had a bad credit history were considered people with low credibility. With the increase in expenditures and an improvement in the life styles, the number of bad credit borrowers has also risen. So in such a situation, if money is required, bad credit loans can become your support.

A borrower is said to be suffering from a bad credit history if he has a FICO score of less than 580. This may be due to varied factors like missed repayments, arrears, defaults or county court judgments etc in the borrower?s financial past. All these factors cause a lowering of the credit score of the borrower thereby leading to a bad credit history.

The borrowers can take up Bad credit loans in two forms. The first form of bad credit history is the secured option. In this the borrower is required to pledge an asset that he owns, with the lender of the bad credit loans. This will entitle him to a sum of

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