The stats of I. D. theft have become so high that the majority either know someone who has had his identity stolen or have experienced it themselves. It’s a appalling thing to go through and a big mess to try and get cleaned up. It can mean hours of work, telephone calls, court cases, and a lot of hassle that nobody wants to handle. It can be something that may haunt you for years every time you try to purchase anything on credit. There are paths to protect yourself, and indeed all means of protection should be exhausted to keep your identity safe.

First, it is now against the law for firms to print your ATM card number on your receipt. This contains the receipt they keep. They no longer need your number. When they process it, they’re given a transaction code which will reference the transaction with your Visa card number. It does not need to be on either copy of the bill. Often folks will look at you funny, but I make a practice of checking for the number before signing the slip. Then, if they’ve got it released I scribble it out and then sign and hand it back to them. This is for your protection. It doesn’t mean that you are expecting the clerk to try and rob you, and they shouldn’t take it personally. What if somebody were to break into their store and nick credit card receipts? That person would have tons of information wanted to steal identities. So, cross that number out and make it illegible!

An alternative way to protect yourself is by checking your Mastercard statements. Check them to your invoices and confirm everything adds up. This is the simplest way to discover if someone is using your card-you’ll be in a position to find it out faster this way and reduce the amount of damage done.

Next, keep your ATM card with you at every point. Don’t let folks take it. If you hand it over to make a payment, keep your eye on it. Make sure they don’t take it to a back room or somewhere out of view. Keep your wallet open and ready to remind you to get the card back right away after the transaction is complete. Don’t allow yourself to feel rushed and end up leaving your card behind.

Last, don’t reply to e-mail phishing tricks. Nobody should be asking you for your ATM card, social security number, or other info by email. Companies should not operate this way, and it’s sometimes an elaborate con by someone that isn’t affiliated with your bank at all . They’re just trying to trick folks into giving out private information so they can steal identities.

These are only a few ideas to bear in mind to keep your identity safe. ID theft is becoming so common that it is important to take each measure to keep your information safe. Do everything you can to avoid having this happen to you and if it does, attempt to catch it early to avoid a large amount of damage.

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