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Habitat for Humanity Provides Home for Families

Habitat for Humanity Provides Home for Families

Standing in front of his newly built home is Jesse Rasimas. He is so thankful for the organization which helped him and his family to acquire a new single-storey house.

Jesse and his wife, Angela, and two children, Kara and Jaiden started moving on Sunday into their new home at 112 Madison St. The home has a total area of 1,100 square feet. It is the 18th home which Wyoming Valley for Humanity constructed. Wyoming Valley for Humanity is a nonprofit organization and it will start to construct its 19th home starting Monday.

Their transfer to the new home kicked off with a cake, a basket full of cleaning supplies and a book for home decorating. Prayer and dedication was done by Rev. Will Haperman. Malcolm Williams, president of the Habitat Board of Directors gave the house key to the Rasimases.

The house has three bedrooms, an off-street parking, living/dining room which is very spacious. Whirpool donated the stove and refrigerator in the new home. Kara’s bedroom is painted in purple and the room next to it is her brother’s bedroom.

Karen Evans Kaufer, the Executive director of Habitat said she was so impressed with the cooperation of the volunteers and the Rasimases.

Jesse shared how he got the home. He said that he saw in a newspaper that Habitat for Humanity is building a home and it is looking for a family fit for it. He applied for it and with the help of Tracey Williams of Habitat he went through the process. The family invested 400 hours in the program in order to build the house. They were at the site every Saturday for several months for the house construction.

Jesse said that the labor for his new home costing $55,000 was through the efforts of volunteers. Materials were purchased at a discount. The term of payment is 20 years with no interest. The monthly payment is only $35 more than his payment when he was renting.

The main purpose of the program of Habitat for Humanity is to help people who could not make a house mortgage because of bad credit.

According to Kaufer, Habitat is preparing to construct another house next to Rasimases and it is looking for a qualified family for the next house. She said that they are building a house one at a time.

Housing Survey: Americans from Various Demographic Groups Dream of Homeownership

According to Fannie Mae, majority of Americans are still hoping that in the near future they can live in their own homes. The National Housing Survey’s latest quarterly report shows that many Americans from different demographic groups still believes that homeownership is better than renting it. They are optimistic that the economic growth will create more jobs, lower interest rates and stabilize house prizes thus enabling them to purchase a house in the future.

The main factors that motivate renters to own a house is the quality and safety of local schools. For most African-Americans and Hispanics homeownership symbolizes success. But they have observed that what makes it difficult to obtain a mortgage are poor credit, complicated process involved, and economic crisis. Another observation that they have is that African-Americans and Hispanics could not get mortgage easily regardless of their income level.

Other factors that play important role in getting a house mortgage are educational level, income stability and credit history. Groups with higher educational levels are more likely to obtain a mortgage compared to those who completed lower levels.

Many Americans are saying that due to lack of home loan information, they lose confidence in owning a home in the future. Because of this negative behavior, the homeownership rate has decreased over the last several years. In addition, the belief that safety is the primary reason why many are longing to have their own homes has dropped to 63% in the last three months of 2011. On the contrary, those with educational attainment and more than sufficient income believe that buying a house is a good and safe investment.

The National Housing Survey, in the last quarter of 2011, conducted interviews among 3,000 Americans. The interview was focused on the Americans attitudes between owning and renting a home, belief on owning a home as a safe investment, financial capacity to purchase a home, assessment on the U.S. support on housing programs and on the overall outlook on the economy. The survey was done by Penn Schoen Berland and Fannie Mae’s combined effort.

Commercial Mortgages Slowing Down

Commercial Mortgages Slowing Down

According to reports last week by Mortgage Bankers Association, despite the credit crisis and recession, loans from commercial real estate have held up better compared to loans from banks and thrifts.

In the previous year, banks and thrifts charged off 0.8% of commercial mortgages and 0.7% of multifamily mortgages as bad debt.

The charge-off rate was almost one-half of the rates for all loans and leases held by banks and thrifts, which is 1.5%.

According to Jamie Woodwell, vice president of the commercial real estate research, for the banking sector or economy as a whole, commercial mortgages have showed to be neither ‘the next shoe to drop’ nor a ‘ticking time bomb’.

At the last part of 2011, commercial loans and multifamily loans by banks and thrifts had a delinquency rate of 3.5%, which is a decrease from the highest rate in quarter three of 2010 of 4.4%. On the other hand, residential mortgages had a delinquency rate of 7.7% in the last part of 2011.

As said by Jim Chynoweth, managing director of CBRE’s Albuquerque, vacancy rates were kept from elevating by the lack of new construction and it came to the extent that there were sudden rises in commercial mortgage default. Moreover, this was said to be the worst of commercial and multifamily mortgage defaults.

Other main investor groups in commercial and multifamily real estate had the following delinquency rates:

From 0.3% in the first half of 2010, only 0.2% of loans by insurance firms were two months or more late on payments.

From 9% in quarter two of 2011, only 8.6% of loans maintained in commercial mortgage-backed securities were a month or more delayed on payments.

From 0.4% in quarter one of 2011, only 0.2% of multifamily loans by Freddie Mac were two months or more late on payments.

From 0.8% in the first half of 2010, only 0.6% of multifamily loans held by Fannie Mae were two months or more delayed on payments.

Save More Money with the Best Home Mortgage

Save More Money with the Best Home Mortgage

Do you wish to find the most effective home mortgages? There’s no need to cover high prices, and saving is seriously possible. In this article, you’ll shortly discover the necessary details and methods to find these kinds of big financial savings. Let’s start, as we save big. You can find several different home mortgage lenders available, and they are able to each make a huge distinction. Several charge high prices, and several low costs.

Remember that it’s the interest rate that you are billed, that’s the major factor, but it isn’t the only factor, simply because you also have another factors, such as the hidden expenses that you are charged, that you need to remember, and ensure which you aren’t billed for.

These hidden costs generally are more greater and much more expensive whenever you find the cheapest interest charges. Thus, the important thing here is to uncover an equilibrium of both, and this may result in acquiring the best home mortgages, and saving in the method.

Now, to start this, there’s one thing that you want to remember, and that is that if you wish to get an excellent option, then study is going to be needed. And the more efficient and comprehensive your research, the more likely it is which you will find the best provides and help save within the method.

You will find a number of issues which you can do, and the first would be to get a fantastic array of loan companies. This could be done through a variety of strategies, such as in classifieds where they promote real estate for sale, billboards around the town, television, radio, as well as online. With numerous places, you can make sure to find an incredible choice, and save in the process. So, spend the time, and you are able to find the best!

Getting a Home Loan Regardless of Your Credit Score

Getting a Home Loan Regardless of Your Credit Score

There is nothing more serious than having bad credit and getting a house loan. Why? Because many lenders are prejudice because of low credit score and in a way they need to. Your credit could be seen as a good friend or a worst enemy. It could help you and get you what you want, or it can hurt you and keep you from what you want. When it comes to getting a home loan for people with bad credit there’s indeed hope out there.

Before you will begin to start the application procedure work on your credit standing. You are able to do that by getting an unsecured credit card from a financial institution. Put an account balance of no more than $100 – $200 30 days on it for items which you need like gas or groceries, then pay it back in the end of each month. This can slowly increase your credit history in time.

The next thing you should do is save your cash. Numerous loan companies try to find loan job seekers to repay a payment in advance of about 10% or more to let them know that you are serious about dealing with the financing. Try to cut back on some splendid luxuries for some time and save as much cash as you can for a good down payment.

Finally, when everything else fails depend on a friend or family members that has great credit rating. Maybe they are going to be generous enough to sign the financial loan with you as a co-signer. Their excellent credit might be enough to persuade the provider to give you the loan, given that they’re responsible for it too.

Follow these simple suggestions to obtain the process started for getting the home loan which you want. There are several choices available for people who want a loan and have poor credit. So do your study and take a plan of action to get the house loan you really need.

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