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Number of Felonies Gone Down

Number of Felonies Gone Down

Equifax has announced that the total number of first mortgage delinquents has gone down $500 billion dollars in March 2012; this has been the lowest it has ever been since January in 2009.

According to the March National Consumer Credit Trends Report of Equifax and Creditdorcase.com, the number has fallen to 49.5 million outstanding mortgages that’s almost an 11% drop in from the previous 55 million cases during the same period last 2008.

79 percent of the total breaches in the home equity credit categoryis from the 2005 to 2007 loans. The credit levels are continually falling in the past weeks. Recently it has dropped by 25 percent from $ 1.3 trillion in the year 2008.

More good news:

The balances in first mortgages are at below 3.5 percent compared to the number in March last year. The decline has been continuous every year for 36 successive months.

The number of first mortgage loans that has exceeded the 30 day past due rule is at its lowest, this is lower than the one recorded on June 2007.

The past 60 days due to past 90 days due are also at their lowest levels. The share of loans that are in their worse cases that have been due past 90 days has also fallen over in 24 months.

Existing liabilities for home equity revolving credit have dropped by 17 percent from the month of March in 2009 to this year.

The percent of credit lines opened January of this year has risen by 16% than January 2009, but is 67% lesser than the January 2008 record.

Rates, balances and ratios of credit limits have been stable at 55% since March 2009. The credit available however has decreased from $575 billion to only about $470 billion.

Home equity installment loans went down to 46%, now it is $150 billion from $275 in 2008. The total rate of crimes is also lower by 14% in March 2011.

Housing Survey: Americans from Various Demographic Groups Dream of Homeownership

According to Fannie Mae, majority of Americans are still hoping that in the near future they can live in their own homes. The National Housing Survey’s latest quarterly report shows that many Americans from different demographic groups still believes that homeownership is better than renting it. They are optimistic that the economic growth will create more jobs, lower interest rates and stabilize house prizes thus enabling them to purchase a house in the future.

The main factors that motivate renters to own a house is the quality and safety of local schools. For most African-Americans and Hispanics homeownership symbolizes success. But they have observed that what makes it difficult to obtain a mortgage are poor credit, complicated process involved, and economic crisis. Another observation that they have is that African-Americans and Hispanics could not get mortgage easily regardless of their income level.

Other factors that play important role in getting a house mortgage are educational level, income stability and credit history. Groups with higher educational levels are more likely to obtain a mortgage compared to those who completed lower levels.

Many Americans are saying that due to lack of home loan information, they lose confidence in owning a home in the future. Because of this negative behavior, the homeownership rate has decreased over the last several years. In addition, the belief that safety is the primary reason why many are longing to have their own homes has dropped to 63% in the last three months of 2011. On the contrary, those with educational attainment and more than sufficient income believe that buying a house is a good and safe investment.

The National Housing Survey, in the last quarter of 2011, conducted interviews among 3,000 Americans. The interview was focused on the Americans attitudes between owning and renting a home, belief on owning a home as a safe investment, financial capacity to purchase a home, assessment on the U.S. support on housing programs and on the overall outlook on the economy. The survey was done by Penn Schoen Berland and Fannie Mae’s combined effort.

Check Your Credit Rating Before Getting a Mortgage

Check Your Credit Rating Before Getting a Mortgage

Tara Lynn Wagner said that it is very essential for you to determine your credit score before securing a mortgage loan if you want to avoid paying more money.

Most people especially women know their Social Security number, their weight but when you ask them about their credit scores, they are not aware of it.

CEO Amanda Steinberg, founder of Dailyworth.com, said that loans are needed to buy a vehicle or a house because it is quite impossible to obtain them in cash. But in order to get the best term, it is important that consumers should know their credit scores before securing a mortgage. She said that it might cost you to pay tens of thousands dollars more if you do not check your credit rating before securing a mortgage.

To illustrate her point she cited this example. There were two women who wanted to secure a mortgage amounting to $200,000. The first woman was Susie. Susie’s credit score was 740 points. Her high rating qualified Susie to get a 30-year mortgage at 3.9 % interest. She was paying $953 per month. The second woman was Jane. Jane had a credit score of 640 points. She was also granted a 30-year mortgage at 4.75 % and paid $1,043 monthly. The total difference in the payments of two women for 30 years was more or less $35,000.  This is quite big, says Steinberg. The big difference was the result of the credit scores of Susie and Jane.

There are three steps to take before taking a mortgage. First is to check your credit score. Then, if it is excellent maintain it. Finally, if it is not good, do something to improve it.

Steinberg says that aside from paying their dues on time, the consumers have to control their spending habits because the credit companies are checking their spending to determine their credit scores.

She further added that consumers have to spend only about 20% of the available credit or they should not go beyond 90% of the available credit.

Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Former Exec Director Charged for Embezzlement

An audit is being conducted at the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau. The auditor has found out the former executive director of the Bureau has embezzled it by $400,000.

Debbie Dusenbery was the former executive director of Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau. She told police that she embezzled the Bureau for personal expenses and for extravagant trips. After telling the police, she committed suicide in Arizona on Jan31. She was found dead with a gunshot wound.

According to City Manager Rob Mayers, a private audit must be conducted no matter how much the cost is because it is very important to investigate what took place for several years when Dusnbery was the executive director. The initial estimate of the audit cost is $15,000 but it may cost up to$50,000.

The Bureau will have to pay for the cost of the private audit. It is getting its $700,000 budget through the 5percent tax on hotel rooms. For the mean time a temporary director is running the operation of the Bureau.

Dusenbery acknowledged through her email to police that every month for the last 12 months she made two transactions to pay for her credit cards. She also admitted that each month she paid $1,500 on an equity loan.

After the board members of tourism learned about all these reports, the board decided to suspend her. On Jan. 17, Dusenbery submitted her resignation.

Robert The investigation is still going on and it is under the supervision of Farmington police Sgt. Perez.

Perez found personal effects and other financial documents in Arizona in Dusenbery’s jeep. There are five personal letters addressed to people in Farmington. The source of the money found is being tracked by the police. They are investigating if the money came from Totah Festival or Freedom Days events. Dusenbery holds key positions in these two associations.

While the investigation is going on, the operation of the convention and Visitors Bureau is recovering.

Larry baker, the board president said the board plans to get a new executive director. The board plans to advertise for interested applicants.

Save More Money with the Best Home Mortgage

Save More Money with the Best Home Mortgage

Do you wish to find the most effective home mortgages? There’s no need to cover high prices, and saving is seriously possible. In this article, you’ll shortly discover the necessary details and methods to find these kinds of big financial savings. Let’s start, as we save big. You can find several different home mortgage lenders available, and they are able to each make a huge distinction. Several charge high prices, and several low costs.

Remember that it’s the interest rate that you are billed, that’s the major factor, but it isn’t the only factor, simply because you also have another factors, such as the hidden expenses that you are charged, that you need to remember, and ensure which you aren’t billed for.

These hidden costs generally are more greater and much more expensive whenever you find the cheapest interest charges. Thus, the important thing here is to uncover an equilibrium of both, and this may result in acquiring the best home mortgages, and saving in the method.

Now, to start this, there’s one thing that you want to remember, and that is that if you wish to get an excellent option, then study is going to be needed. And the more efficient and comprehensive your research, the more likely it is which you will find the best provides and help save within the method.

You will find a number of issues which you can do, and the first would be to get a fantastic array of loan companies. This could be done through a variety of strategies, such as in classifieds where they promote real estate for sale, billboards around the town, television, radio, as well as online. With numerous places, you can make sure to find an incredible choice, and save in the process. So, spend the time, and you are able to find the best!

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