Three Credit Card Options for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a big problem for individuals, not only does it decrease your credit score down to “poor” it also disallows customers who file  it to benefit from credit card perks such as availing low interests, cash rewards and outlay limits.

Credit scores can decrease up to 220 points for an individual, which will affect his life and particularly, ruin it. But declaring bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that an individual cannot use a credit card. In fact, it is a reason for the person to continue rehabilitating his credit score through regular purchases and settlement. Now, the question is what lending company will allow you to borrow money from them despite of your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy status?

Fret no more, there are credit cards especially designed for people who have been through being broke. This is a limit card that trains the owner to pay debts on time and allows them to pay at their own time. This card will help you back on your feet over time. Here are three of the best cards available today.

The Classic MasterCard from the Orchard Bank

This card allows the client to spend as much as he pleases and at the same time makes him a wiser spender. The client is free to choose his due date, and the company follows up and sends reminders to customers when the settlement date is drawing near. Other benefits you would enjoy from this card is the support line that is open 24/7, a replacement card for emergencies and security to ensure that you will be able to rehabilitate your credit standing.

The Prepaid Visa CardfromAccountNow.

This card is very helpful for clients because it has a monitoring team that looks over the record of your past spending. As much as $5,000 can be borrowed by a client in a day charge free, they are also permitted to create checks online without any fee. This is recommended for people who are afraid of being indebted again.

The CreditOne Platinum Visa.

Are you a former platinum card holder who wants to keep their status in the high class society? Well, this card will allow you to retain your platinum standing while you rehabilitate your credit status. Your monthly spending will be recorded and monitored for only $75 annually. That’s not all, you will also avail travel insurance and your limit for loans will increase by itself as time passes.

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