Man Arrested for Series of Payday Loan Store Robberies

Aurora police was able to catch a 38 year old man who has been responsible for a series of store robberies. His victims are short-term loan establishments, six of which were in Elgin.

Kane country court is going to hold Fernando D. Zavala’s case. According to the police, he was caught robbing two different stores in just one day. After his arrest the local authorities contacted Elgin because the suspect’s description was similar to many claims in the region.

Some of the places that he attacked were La Hacienda, Walnut Ave, a supermart in Armando, 925 N. in Liberty Street, Pay Day Loan Store, Cash Store and many others. His massive robberies started from August last year.

Elgin Police says they are sure that they caught the right man because he confessed to the crimes. The police also shared that they had no idea that he had victimized that many stores because he held no records of crimes. Most of the stores he had targeted were engaged in the payday loan business.

The criminal said he had hurt no body during his hold-ups, but he refused to reveal how much money he had stolen. Dan Ferrelli, the spokesman for Aurora Police said that Zavala was captured in June 22 after he put up a chase with the authorities. The police responded to a holdup alarm from Check-N-Go, 1276 N. Lake St., after he had stolen from the store and threatened the clerks with a gun, which turned out to be a fake.

He also ordered the clerks to open a safe, but after he was told it had a 10 minute delay alarm he ran out the store through the back door. That was when a short chase broke and he was caught with $1,070 and his toy gun.

He was questioned by the authorities and they found out he had also robbed another store, the Payday Loan Store in 954 E. New York St., earlier that day. He is now faces aggravated armed robbery charges and each of these robberies would cost him 15 years of imprisonment. Zavala is currently behind bars in Kane Country jail on a $1.2 million bail.

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