Answers to FICO Score Query

Everyone with bad credit might be interested to know the issues discussed in the latest TweetChat between FICO and Bankrate com.

It is important that consumers with bad credit understand how credit scores work.

In Auto Credit Express, for the last twenty years we have been helping people with bad credit how and where to find a car they want to buy through credit. They can go to our website to do research on how to get a car loan. There are other topics in the website which they can make use of. Topics on credit life insurance and on FICO scores which is now discussed in this article.

The best source of information about FICO scores are naturally from people working at FICO. The most widely credit scores used are coming from FICO. Recently, a “TweetChat” with was conducted.

Here are some of the few questions and answers discussed which might be of great interest for those with bad credit.

Question and Answer taken at TweetChat

Does getting a credit depend entirely on credit score?

Credit score plays a significant role in getting a credit. But lenders do not have uniform way of viewing it. Their tolerances for risk differ. Some demands higher credit scores than others for the same item. There are lenders that require additional information aside from credit score. Information like income, length of employment, house owned or house rented, credit history with previous lenders and the price or value of property you want to buy whether it is a car or a real estate.

How can I improve significantly my credit score in just a couple of days?

Improving credit score cannot be done quickly. It takes time. You have to develop good habits to fix and establish a good FICO Score. These habits are:

* Paying bills on or before the due date

* Keeping balances low

* Avoid applying for a new credit unless it is necessary

Credit reports must be checked to determine its accuracy. Free reports are available and you can get it once a year from

Does it harm my FICO score if I do self checking of my credit report or credit score?

No, it is because FICO does not mind if you do it.

Are the FICO Scores sold by my viewed by lenders as precise?

Yes, the FICO Scores coming from my are the ones used by other U.S. lenders and businesses in their credit decision making. To avoid misleading and confusion about credit scores, the Genuine FICO Score are marked properly.

In Conclusion

It is important to know how credit score works if you want to fix it.

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